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QuickTime & Java

360 degree images or panorama pictures are being offered in two different technologies - QuickTime and Java. Each of them has their advantages and disadvantages, so choose appropriate and enjoy the beautiful cities of Latvia!

Java Applet (JV):
If the Java support isn't included in Your internet browser, it must be installed seperately. You can download the installation file here.
  +) When the picture is being opened, it opens all at once;
  +) Technology offers the automatic picture rotating;
  +) Technology offers the possibility to view incomplete panorama pictures (sectors);
  +) You may use an [A] key for zoom in and [Z] for zoom out;
  -) Opening the 360 degree images, there are downloaded additional files together with every picture, so the opening time can be longer than it would be using QT.

QuickTime (QT):
For objects, made in this technology, a special program is needed (it is freeware), which, can be downloaded by clicking on the QT banner.
  +) Opening the 360 degree image, only one file is downloaded;
  +) You may use an [Shift] key for zoom in and [Ctrl] for zoom out;
  -) Installing QuickTime is more time-consuming;
  -) The picture is being opened by sectors, although it can be considered as an advantage, 'cause You may start looking the picture, before it's completely downloaded.

*You may install the QuickTime,
downloading the installation file before!
Panorama pics:
360° Aizkraukle
360° Aluksne
360° Cesis
360° Daugavpils
360° Gulbene
360° Jekabpils
360° Kandava
360° Kuldiga
360° Liepaja
360° Ludza
360° Madona
360° Pavilosta
360° Preili
360° Rezekne
360° Sabile
360° Saldus
360° Sigulda
360° Smiltene
360° Tukums
360° Valmiera
360° Ventspils

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